The Hypr’scope: Venus in Cancer 2022 Forecast (July 18th — August 11th)

Venus in Cancer is a real delish energy I’m personally looking forward to. Here’s what all twelve Zodiac Signs can expect:

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(Read the intro and vibe check, then jump to your sign’s forecast!)

As Venus wraps up its transit in the sign of Gemini, we have all had some time to laugh and cry with friends and family this Cancer season. Now with Venus ingressing

Ingress — When a planet shifts in the sky into a new zodiac sign from its previous sign.

into Cancer, it will bring with it a some healing and course correcting from the past month or so, but also, some stabilization in the wake of intense upcoming Astrology in a couple of weeks.

Venus will be in the sign of the Moon’s domain. What this suggests is that Venus will become a lot more emotional, receptive and sensitive. Wherever Venus goes it brings harmony, blessings, and pleasure. From July 18th, You can start to feel a pervasive softer energy when it comes to your domestic and internal worlds. Under this influence, people are a lot more understanding and generally seek to find a healthy balance from all the previous wild Geminian energy. Venus will eventually make a trine to the South Node currently in Scorpio and a sextile to the North Node in Taurus through the course of the next couple of weeks. Both are harmonious alignments in the sky that support where we are trying to go and what we have been wrestling with to let go of. These alignments known as “Aspects” are the pretty bottles of sand and seashells we brought home from an exotic vacation that we can place up on our shelves up and smile at amidst the impending cosmic turbulence. August will in no way be an easy month with the upcoming volatile July 31st / August 1st astrological event that has every Astrologer with their Scooby-doo snouts in the air, sniffing out the unpredictable events it holds for the collective. (I’m however chillin’ like Snoopy)

Vibe check!

The following dates are when Venus’ energy will be really vivacious. Mark these down in your calendar!

July 23/24 — Venus Square Jupiter

(*Ariana voice* “I like to fuck with ‘chu, just to make up with chu.” An overindulgence, PDA vibe kinda days.)

July 26th — Venus Conjuct Moon

(A surge of emotional support, physical nurturing, and love.)

July 31st — Venus Square Chiron

(Did they really have to do that ONE thing that they know gets on my nerves and makes me uncomfortable?)

Aug 1st/2nd — Venus Sextile NorthNode & Venus Trine South Node

(Yeah the sky is falling, but what’s that behind it…It’s… kinda pretty.)

Aug 6th— Moon Trine Venus

(Wow. I have the best life ever! Well…maybe just today.)

Aug 7th/8th — Venus Trine Neptune

(Mid-April vibes: The half Sequel.)

Aug 9th — Venus Opposite Pluto

(I won’t give you power over my emotions anymore and “I’m tellin’ everybody!”)

Before I get into it,
disclaimer: I am a western Astrologer and I’m using the “Whole Sign house system” for these Horoscope (but because mine are tier, they’re called Hyperscope *grins*) forecasts. And with that out of the way, it’s time to sit back, and sip on this galactic starry Plutoshiny elixir, as I install each of you 12 Zodiac Signs your first ever Virtual Pluvisian (that’s plutonian-venusian ladies and gentlemen) jacuzzi.

(Read or listen to both your Rising and Sun sign Hypr’scope)

Astrology charts are courtesy of LunaAstrology (I am not sponsored to say this, I just love my Astrology software.)

Aries Rising (and Aries Sun)

Venus at the cusp of your 4th house.

While Venus is in Cancer from July 18th-August 11th, you will notice this energy palpably in the 4th House of your natal or birth chart. The 4th house of home, family, ancestry, roots and your private inner life and this house also has a lot of parallels with the sign of Cancer, so this is an excellent time for all things domestic. If you attend any family events such as BBQs, cookouts, weddings, or even if you are just chillin’ with your loved ones at home; Venus is sure to make this period of time very cozy, warm and tingly. (Yuck. right?) If there were any bickering, insensitive jokes, or such problems with family members that started playful but got a little out of hand earlier in the month, watch as they, or you, come around due to an internal shift about situations like this. Venus is squaring your Rising Sign which in Traditional Astrology, is not that bad of a thing at all. Cooler heads now prevail Aries. Another thing that can manifest is a sort of balancing or clean up to 4th house matters that were troublesome like, pets, children, plumbing or water issues, and you will, in general, have more fun and creativity in the kitchen. (Rest east, the food fight is over.)

Taurus Rising (and Taurus Sun)

Venus at the cusp of your 3rd house.

Your planetary ruler is Venus has great essential dignity in Cancer and generally like to be in this feminine water sign.

Essential Dignity — Planets that fawn over or detest certain zodiac signs they travel through, transit, or are placed in naturally upon birth.

Road trip! or better yet cruise trip! It’s also prime time to visit siblings and extended family members if they are just a town, city, province or state away as the 3rd House is signifies short-distance travels. The 3rd House is also the house of education, mindset, skills, neighbours and your local neighbourhood, emails and media. It’s a really great time to work on your website and sort through emails. You may find some opportunities to make some money just lying in your inbox. It’s Venus after all, and Venus rules over money. Taurus, you can find the emotional support you need from friends and family to get yourself a new car, or maybe, one of them will know someone who can fix your existing one. Venus in the 3rd house can bring more ease to your everyday life in general and you may find yourself running into old acquaintances, friends, and sometimes even an Ex-partner as well (So make sure you don’t look tired and grim when you’re out and about.) Use this transit over the next couple of weeks to sink into the things you are curious about and nurture the skills you want to learn. Try being productive and doing work outdoors from July 18th-August 11th Taurus, it’ll be a lot more of a nicer vibe than usual, trust me.

Gemini Rising (and Gemini Sun)

Venus at the cusp of your 2nd House

The 2nd House is one of the houses Venus rules. Geminis, it’s pay day! The 2nd House rules our money, finances, resources, self worth, and what we place value on. Venus in Cancer here is an extra emphasis on what values are your cultivating and nurturing. Have you been slacking on your money management? Are you coming at your finances from a lack mentality? Do you spend money in pointless things that feed into your vanity? Venus is attempting to balance all this out by injecting more security in your life from now until August 11. Find out about what triggers you to waste your money so that when you do get that increase in MULLA, it’s not gone by the next moon cycle. You can get support from family , but don’t be tempted with all that money to buy (too many) luxurious things and don’t spend it all on food too. Think about how you’ve dealt with money and resources in the past, and how you can deal with them better this time around. We are approaching (if not already) a recession so balance out your emotional money mindset. How can you can achieve more security for the long winter ahead. Opportunities to make money from the past might come back around as well, sort of like how lifeguards from last summer may get called back to work for this season.

Cancer Rising (and Cancer Sun)

Venus at the cusp of your 1st house.

Venus is hitting my water sign brethren Cancers directly. The 1st House is all about you. It’s the house of the identity, persona, the physical body, the self, and personal affairs. I personally have a lot of planets in my first house and one of the things that Astrologers rarely speak about when discussing the first house is identification. If an individuals that is always dealing with ID issues, or even issues with how much of your energy and self do give to any given situation, Venus makes these kinds of situations a lot more easier to deal with. Your character and who you are out in these cosmic streets is so much more appreciated right now, especially by close intimate relationships, and family Cancer. Your intuition is on 100, so use it to avoid any gaslighting and do you. 1st house transits impact you on a physical level and Venus here is an energy of beauty. So any time you need to physically be somewhere and show up Cancer, you bring this beautiful energy with you. People want to be around you more during this time. You can be inspired to change up your style. You'll notice how you start become more attractive, likeable, popular, and graceful when you do. Your aura Cancer becomes like honey attracting bees and you can navigate through the world more effortlessly. Maybe Cancer season was a bit meh for you, but till August 11th it’s like you’re catching a 2nd wind with this transit. So come out of your shell and enjoy yourself, people can’t get enough of your energy.

Leo Rising (and Leo Sun)

Venus at the cusp of your 12 house.

‘Sup Leo! Venus is transiting your other worldly 12th House. The 12th House represents the unseen, the transcendental, God, hospitals, secret enemies, fine arts, spirituality, imprisonment, and dreams. Venus here brings you a lot of joy and fun in private. In your solitude, you’ll be able to find some much needed rest. This is also a really great time to have a secret romance (that you’ll probably tell everyone about in your excitement anyway) that will definitely have you feeling much more creative. As I mentioned, the 12 house is the house of the hidden and the unseen, so you may actually discover someone having a huge crush on you and giving you the green lights for you to make a move on them. Quiet down with meditation often during these next few weeks and listen to your spirit, God, the universe (whatever you believe in). It will have a lot to share with you during this time. Depending on what else is going on in your personal natal chart Leo, it’s also possible that you can have dreams of family members who have departed or that are in another country / foreign land. Venus can bring a reconnection of some sorts with people from the past, like family members you didn’t even know you had, or possibly, a type of spiritual connection with long lost loved ones. Things like role playing in the bedroom with your partner or watching fantasy movies can peak your interests, and if you are a huge Drake or Beyonce fan, their music is most likely currently sending you into states of euphoria.

Virgo (and Virgo Rising)

Venus at the cusp of your 11 house.

Enjoy my Jacuzzi Virgo, you work wayyy too much. Venus is strolling through your 11th House. The 11th House is the house of friends, networks, the internet, social groups, social recognition, future aspirations, and humanitarian pursuits. It’s a wonderful time to be as social as possible and connect with social groups. Venus here can increase your popularity and make you well-liked among and during your social outings. Social support just flows right to you from friends. If you happen to be organizing and facilitating a social event, an online workshop, a livestream, etc, watch how everything goes swimmingly. Virgo, if you looking to attract more customers to your business, or more follows via social media, it wont take much work for that to happen, which is nice cause like I said, ya work too damn much. Expect to get a little emotional with friends and for them to come to you looking for some hearty, emotionally intelligent advice ..or, you could be the one receive this value piece of advice from a colleague.

Libra Rising (and Libra Sun)

Venus at the cusp of your 10 house.

As you may or may not know Libra, Venus rules you, is also your chart ruler and look at where Venus is: At the very top of your chart. For one, this tells me you’re gonna be feeling on top of the world, especially in your career and especially because Cancer in general signify the emotions. The 10th House in Astrology governs the career, the collective public perception of an individual, public recognition, and authority figures. What you’re doing out in the world is being really appreciated by authority figures or people in a higher position than you. They notice you Libra. They notice how resilient you are in your profession, and they delight in seeing you do that Libra thing that you do. Any past disputes with people is your profession will be ironed out. Venus can also bring about more material manifestations here like a promotion or more money without you having to do much. One final thing is that this energy is great for mixing family and business, If an idea that is within the scope of that comes about, take advantage of it because it can definitely be the start of something that can impact your legacy and family name. If you’re looking for a career switch, a family member can bring a great opportunity your way, just ask around! Bringing a family member with you into the spotlight for one reason or another, like to a work function for example, can end up being a positive fortuitous situation.

Scorpio Rising (and Scorpio Sun)

Venus at the cusp of your 9th house.

Hey familia. Venus is going through our 9th House this month (Yes I’m a Scorpio Rising.) For starters, the 9th House is a lucky house, so for those of you in need of a miracle, that’s definitely on the table for the next couple of weeks. The 9th House is all about higher knowledge, religion, philosophy, morals and ethic, publishing, foreign lands, space exploration, long-distance travels and in Traditional Astrology, it rules Astrology. Venus here opens up your mind to a different perspective and a different way to look at things Scorpio. I know for me I’ll be writing my fictional book series and another the thing I’m really excited about is that I’m watching the first Star Wars movie for the first time ever. Interestingly enough, the 9th House is long distance travelling including extra-planetary. Similar to Venus in the 3rd house, she injects your view of the world with a little bit more beauty. Women, who are generally ruled by Venus, can become an inspirational source of knowledge for you. It’s a fantastic time to go on a trip, especially internationally. I just came back from Portugal and honestly if I would have gone from now to Aug 11th, I probably wouldn’t have ever wanted to come back to Canada. Finally, Venus in this house can connect you with family abroad. Lots of beautiful synchronistic moments happens for you now Scorpio, and past philosophies and values, maybe rooted in the culture you love, might come back around to remind you of the bigger vision fam. Ignite that spiritual flame by reading as much as you can these next couple of weeks. (Remember to drink some water and ground yourself cause if you’re like me, you can be too much in your head in the learning and knowledge sphere.) This transit is sure to imbue you with excitement to begin a new adventure or resume and old one.

Sagittarius (and Sagittarius Sun)

Venus at the cusp of your 8th house.

Hey Sagittarius, so what can you expect for Venus’ lovely transit through Cancer? Well, lots of Eighth House themes. What is the 8th House you ask? The 8th House is a gritty dark house full of themes dealing with the psychology, crisis, merging in relationships, mystery, other peoples finances and money, sex, and the occult but don’t be afraid, the 8th House is also the house of overcoming fears and personal transformation. Venus transiting through the eight house can bring beautiful, compassionate individuals to you that help you break psychological barriers to your success. Some of these barriers may be deep, ancestral family karmic cycles since we’re dealing with Cancer. These people may be therapists or could even be relatives who act as a therapist for you, holding you down through dicey situations (on second thought, this could also just be your Mom!) This is also the house where you gain from others financially. Venus is all about receiving and collaborating so their resources can become your resources. Since Cancer energy deals with the family, it could possibly be a time where some sort of inheritance, investment, or loan is addressed Sagittarius. It’s a good idea to look for a financial investor to help you out, and they might just be someone the entire family is already in touch with. Venus is starting to make a lot of your fears or past traumas seem irrational and easier to release and purge. You may also be helping others see the beauty in the more difficult life experiences.

Capricorn Rising (and Capricorn Sun)

Venus at the cusp of your 7th house.

So I’ll cut to the case Capricorn. yes, you will win the court case. The 7th House is all about partnerships, relationships, contractual agreements, business relationships, marriage, and the mirror (because it’s opposite to the first house, which is you) The 7th House is another house that Venus has dominion over. All your relationships are now being filled with positive emotions and are generally supportive. Even though Venus is not retrograde, Venus in Cancer can often bring back people from the past, and in the 7th House, this can be previous partners or family members you’ve have (or you have) a close relationship with. A family member can be getting married or renewing their vows around this time. All in all, it’s a good period of time to shred some of that cold exterior of yours and exchange it for a more vulnerable one, if only until August 11th. Your most intimate relationships with people will deepen. You may even allow yourself to be a lil’ clingy with them with them or vice versa. Venus will draw out this side of you, and it’s a nice change of pace. And seriously, any legal battles will, most likely flow in your favour.

Aquarius Rising (and Aquarius Sun)

Venus at the cusp of your 6th house.

Aquarius! You’re experiencing Venus’ transit in your Sixth House. The 6th House in Astrology is the house of work and service, rituals, daily routines, habits, health and debt. The 6th House on its own isn’t the easiest house to deal with in anyone’s chart. It’s traditionally known as one of the more difficult houses and with Cancer (therefore the Moon) ruling over your Sixth House, it’s an area that is often… unstable… and constantly fluctuating. That’s why Venus’ transit through this house is awesome. Venus, as you know, brings peace and harmony, so things can start to mellow out and become less complex, even with the moon shifting the themes of this house around on a a semi-daily basis. Work become a lot more enjoyable, and you may even be in “work crush” dynamic of some sorts. Maybe you decide to go out on a date with someone from work. Venus is having you balance out your health habits, and routines. You’ll have an easier time jumping into any health regimens you’ve been wanting to get started on, or, you may not be doing anything, and noticing how your health improves on it’s own. Don’cha just love the magic of Venus? *grins*

Pisces Rising (and Pisces Sun)

Venus at the cusp of your 5th house.

Nice teleportation skills Pisces. Venus is going into your Fifth House, a.k.a. one of the best houses it can be in. The 5th House is the house of fun, joy, creativity, hobbies, self confidence, children, sex and romance! All the water signs will enjoy this transit but it’s especially nice for you in particular. What are some passions of yours that you really enjoy? Maybe it’s something in the past you and your family used to do together. Venus will highlight these things and will balance out any sort of dull, monotonous workaholic vibes of late. One of the places Cancer rules is the beach. You can find yourself among friends and family, eating good food, listening to good music, laughing, enjoying each other’s company, kicking back and getting some Sun. The 5th House also shines a spotlight on children and your inner child. There can be a nurturing of your playful side, allowing you to enjoy life more, and one of the ways this can come out is through children, as they are the most creative individuals. In any case, this part of the summer from July 18th-August 11th is sure to be when some of the best moments are created because when you put Venus in the house of fun…well… is 1+1=2?

Don’t stay in your jacuzzis for too long now!

Photo by Cloris Ying on Unsplash

Henrius Plutoshine is the eclectic Entrepreneur behind the cosmic Astrology brand “O’RKJ” (O’Raahikojo) which houses the new Ɛlix’r of Plutoshineblog, full of blunt, yet introverted dark humour here on Medium. The host of “The Plutoshine Seismic Effect!” Podcast on Anchor FM. A Ghanaian-Canadian Musician (Nirvanhai O’Raahikojo), Western Astrologer, Aspiring Author and Father of fictional twin phoenix boys.



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