The Hypr’scope: 3 Interesting Themes to Watch During Mercury in Leo + Forecast (July 19th — August 4th)

It’s been real emotional but now Mercury in Leo ramps up both the fun and the drama.

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Mercury in Cancer has been a real rollercoaster of emotion the past couple of weeks. Our speedy friend has now ingressed into the sign of the bright, drama filled, fun loving sign of Leo.

Ingress — The momentous instance and shift a planet makes in the sky into a new zodiac sign from its previous sign.

Mercury rules our minds, intellect, expression and communication. In essence, it describes the way in which we perceive, receive, and share information when we interact with one another. While Mercury was in Cancer the past couple of weeks, the energy mostly had us expressing ourselves more emotionally and less practically. Though it was a time where empathy and compassion was on an incline, I noticed there seemed to also be an increase of irrational emotional reactions, and people concerned with one’s own security before the well being of others. Mercury now basking in the glory of Leonian energy is bringing us to the heart of all our matters as Leo rules the heart. This transit

Transit— A planet cruising along through a zodiac sign degree by degree (from 0–30)

promises to bring us some more excitement, (and honestly some more heat) in our everyday lives but there’s 3 themes that stick out to me when I think about this very quick transit.

Theme 1: How much we talk about ourselves vs. how much we allow others to shine

Mercury in Leo is a very self-focused energy. Leo is ruled by The Sun and there’s nothing the Sun loves more than adoration and attention. In these current times, The radical act of Selfishness can be warranted because some of us are prone to shutting ourselves down, which I believe ends up hurting the whole collective (because then people fall into depravity, hurt others, create from a negative frequency.) But just how much time do you spend on your podium of egotism without giving people their moment in the spotlight? How much can we allow ourselves to marvel at other people’s magnificence without feeling threatened or insignificant?

Theme 2: Where are you holding back your inner child, your uniqueness and your light of truth?

Leo rules children and youth, thus, it rules your inner child. You know — that part of you won’t let dream anymore. When Mercury is in Leo, our inner child is practically screaming to be heard and validated and will often cause a problem to get attention. Odds are, your most precious offerings to the world were the toys you told yourself you can’t play with anymore. It’s almost like a twisted older sibling or parent who punishes you by hiding your favourite things. One of these special possessions is your “light of truth.” As the Sun will ingress into Leo today, this light is growing in its intensity.

Theme 3: Where we need to “bite the lion” and tame the more destructive side of our egos.

This is Mercury in a Sun-ruled sign. So the first thing I think about is revelations and illuminations of the mind. Like the biblical story of “Daniel in the Lion Den” sometimes we are in the den avoiding the Sun and sometimes we have been too stagnant in our perceptions and viewpoints, lazing about in the den in a primitive, non progressive state. Mercury in Leo will allow us to look at things that can help us think about how we can overcome what is holding us back and even prideful behaviour that may actually be sabotaging us.

Vibe check!

The following dates are when Mercury’s roaring energy is apparent and enlightening. Write these down in your calendar:

July 23rd — Mercury Trine Jupiter

(I’m a King/Queen, because I said so…Yeah.)

July 26/27th— Mercury Square Mars

(Oh, you wanna start with me Mr. Passive aggressive? I’m ready anyday son.)

July 27th — Mercury Trine Chiron

(I know what you should do! You should just be more like me! *smiles innocently* See! I knew that would cheer you up!)

July 28th — Mercury Square Uranus & The North Node

(Mars from a couple days ago came back with his heavyweight brothers...erm…)

July 31st— Mercury Opposite Saturn

(A day where our self expression may have no choice but to grow up and consider everyone in the situation.)

Keeping the three themes in mind, let’s see where these mercurial expressions will be the loudest and proudest.

(Read or listen to both your Rising and Sun sign Hypr’scope)

disclaimer: I am a western Astrologer utilizing the “Whole Sign house system” for these Hypr’scope (horoscope) forecasts.
disclaimer 2: If you don’t know your Rising sign, just read your sign. That works fine too!

Photo by Ahmed Galal on Unsplash

Aries Rising (and Aries Sun)

Aries, your Fifth House is being highlighted by this energy. The 5th House is the house of fun, hobbies, creativity, gambling, romance, sex, the inner child and self-confidence. With Mercury transiting this house, you will notice all three themes I discussed on your mind and in your day to day conversations to the power of 2. Mercury here has you wildly confident, creative and self expressive. This is a lot of fire energy so have fun with it, and try not to burn out my friend.

Taurus Rising (and Taurus Sun)

Taurus, Mercury will be transiting your 4th House. This is a lot of interaction with family members as the 4th House rules family, real estate, land, roots, ancestry and it’s the domain of private emotions. This energy can also make you super nostalgic. You’re dealing with a lot of chatter and maybe even drama at home and about your home. This kind of depends on your natal chart but Mercury overall is making more difficult alignments during it’s transit, so just note that you may have your watch your words around family, and hopefully, their egos don’t flair up too much as well. Redirect any conversations keeping the light on the positive things.

Gemini Rising (and Gemini Sun)

Welcome back to another Hypr’scope Gemini. Mercury rules you and your chart, as of the 19th it has ingress into Leo in your 3rd House. The 3rd House is the house of communication, short distance traveling, mindset, media, cognition, early childhood education and extended family members. Mercury will make you quite active in your local neighbourhood. It’s more restless in firey Leo, and it’s an energy that puts you more in leadership positions. Sending emails, facilitating meetings, that kind of thing. You’re interacting with people in authority, as well as your brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, a lot more frequently during this time. There’s a lot of ego raging about but that’s not necessarily a bad thing Gemini. It is however busy busy.

Cancer Rising (and Cancer Sun)

Ay Cancer, what’s up? Hope you enjoyed Cancer season. The mood now shifts to Mercury (and the Sun as of today) in your 2nd House. So what’s on your mind? Well, personal finances. The 2nd House rules money, self worth, resources and your livelihood. Mercury can shine a spotlight on money related issues. July 23rd in particular looks like a good day due to the harmonious Trine aspect where money can flow to you easily. You might also find yourself talking about more extravagant things, and want to get more luxurious in your purchases. I would say brainstorm and bounce ideas with someone you trust about it. Someone who is both practical and creative. An authority figure can also step in now and help you figure out how you can make that happen.

Leo Rising (and Leo Sun)

Leo season is upon us once again. Leos, you’re the main star of this energy with Mercury in your 1st House of self, the body and personality. Read over those 3 themes and just be careful about how you assert yourself right now, because you can either be a fire starter and a catalyst for change in people, or an arson. Either way, your mind is highly sharp and imbued with a lot of visionary creative ideas, and your feeling full of sexy confidence with the Sun joining the party today. My one advice is to be flexible and mutable like the planet Mercury as much as you can. Despite a lot of problematic energy happening in your season, don’t let it distract your big boss energy.

Virgo Rising (and Virgo Sun)

What’s good Virgos. Welcome to another edition of The Hyprscope cosmic forecast. Mercury for you will be transiting your 12 House of spirituality, dreams, collective consciousness, subconscious, endings, the hidden, and self-undoing. This energy is all about you being a little more curious about the intangible and more spiritual aspects of life. Your dreams are a lot more vivid and have a dramatic flare to it. Mercury also rules you, so watch for theme 2 the most because the 12th house cause be unpredictable and problematic. However, use this to free your more spiritual side, even if it sounds weird to people, be confident in that and unleash the desire to talk about these things. Try a doing something everyday that contributes to building your intuition like earthing, journaling, and meditating out in the Sun!

Libra Rising (and Libra Sun)

Hey Libra, thanks for tuning in to another cosmic Hypr’scope forecast, respect and love! As you can see, Mercury is up there in your 11th house. The 11th House addresses our humanitarian pursuits, our friends, our social group, social media, and our future ambitions. Lots of social activity is happening, and to no surprise because being ruled by Venus, you’re so popular anyway. This energy is courtesy of people that are possibly in a higher social bracket than you. Your friends could be introducing you to a different network of people. Write down anything people may say that strikes a chord with you ‘cause you’re surround by a lot of inspirational energy and you never know, you can capitalize on it in the future, for any future goals you have, or even just to use for your own personal self reflection and growth.

Scorpio Rising (and Scorpio Sun)

Hey familia! Man… If you don’t put yourself out there talk about all your amazing ass shit. This Leonian energy is gonna drag you to do it. With Mercury moving through our 10th House of career and public reputation, Scorpios, it’s time people see the level up. There is general interest and curiosity surrounding you so promote yourself and your business to the max, and let everyone see your magnificent light. People sleep on us so much so ride the wave of this energy to wake them up! Mercury at the top of the chart also suggests that through mental efforts, you are almost unstoppable. You can also be in the public sphere for giving a speech or something to that effect. Depending on your Mercury sign you may not necessarily be in the mood for all this attention though. Anyone who has downplayed you skills will be in for a rude awakening, but with great power comes great responsibility Scorpio. *Pft*, I trust you can handle it though.

Sagittarius Rising (and Sagittarius Sun)

Hey Sagittarius, welcome to your Mercury in Leo Hypr’scope forecast. As you can see here, Mercury is already at 3° (around 6° as of Friday July 22nd) Mercury is moving at supersonic speeds through Leo and you’ll feel this in your 9th House. The 9th House is the house of long distance travelling, higher knowledge and education, religion, philosophy, foreign people and places, publishing, and teaching. With Mercury here, travel may come up frequently in and among your conversations. You are sharing your grand ideas and inspiring those around you. It’s possible this can shine a spotlight on you as an expert of something, teaching others and putting you in an authoritative position as a thought leader. This may be most apparent in your interactions with people who are foreigners or who are abroad.

Capricorn Rising (and Capricorn Sun)

Capricorn, thanks for reading! Mercury during this time will transit your 8th house. I actually like this a lot for you. Although the 8th House is the house of death, rebirth, transformation, and crisis, it’s also the house of other people’s money and resources making it one of the business houses, and your sign definitely means business. You can find your self much more introspective thinking about ways you can experience a more joyous life. What are some of the physiological fears holding you back from expressing your creativity? In addition to theme 2, Mercury is starting to prep and help you value yourself more, discovering jewels you have to offer others that you maybe kept buried and hidden away. Nahhh, let ‘em know, it’s time you charge your worth Capricorn!

Aquarius Rising (and Aquarius Sun)

‘Aight Aquarius, you can feel this transit in the house opposite to you. Your 7th House of 1 on 1 partnerships, relationships, business agreements, and marriage. An energy of collaboration is within your midsts. Whether it be with a lover or with a new business partner, your relationships are tinted with a bit of fun and drama but they are also challenging you to take a look at how you view the world. Warm it up and get personal with your relationships. People don’t wanna hear all the factual, scientific, stoic talk; speak with people from the heart instead of logically. Doing this you’ll be able to win over others effortlessly and might just gain something neat from your connections. Other people need this right now, and you do as well.

Pisces Rising (and Pisces Sun)

As every astrologer says when they get to your sign, “last but not least!” Pisces, Mercury is transiting through your 6th House of daily routine, health, habits, work, and service. There’s no question you may have to deal with the ego of coworkers, but guess what, you have your sensitivity and intuition to dodge the bullshit. Pay attention especially to themes 1 and 2. The Sixth House can be a place where we become the servant, sometimes inadvertently by wanting to help others. Although it’s beautiful to service other people, Mercury is giving you the confidence to speak out about your authority in the work place. Practice this, even if just bit by bit everyday Pisces and get rid of these small things that cause so much drama in your everyday life. The 6th House after all is about how we make our lives optimal.


Photo by Bhargava Srivari on Unsplash



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